Saturday, March 13, 2010

Humour - Laugh and Distress

Humour - Laugh and Distress

Q: Why men walk more
and women talk more?
A: Coz men have three legs
and women have four lips!
Wives r Incoming Calls
Lovers r Outgoing Calls
Aunties r Tollfree Calls
Callgirls r Roaming Calls
Neighbour Girls r Missed Calls
Why do women wear flowered panties?
A: Cuz its their way of saying,
'In memory of those who were buried
3 guys were introduced 2 a girl,
hi I'm Peter not a saint,
hi I'm Paul not a pope,
hi I'm john not a baptist,
the girl said

hi I'm mary not a virgin!

Wife asked her husband how
many women he had slept with.
Husband proudly replies, only
you darling, with others
I was awake!!!
A man stands nude in front
of a mirror n examines
himself n says: 2 inches more
& I'll be a king.
His wife sitting behind says:
2 inches less & you'll be a queen.

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